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Why You Should Use A Professional Transporter to Move Your Car Internationally

Shipping a vehicle across international borders requires an auto transporter like Local Car Shipping that knows how to complete the paperwork and manage the red tape to get your car or truck securely to a foreign land.

Using an International Car Shipping Cost Calculator

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Calculators for determining the cost of international automobile shipping are available online. The information the calculator requires is the nation your vehicle will be shipped from and the destination country. You need to provide your vehicle’s year, make, and model to complete the tabulation.

What Effects International Car Shipping Rates

A few different criteria figure into the final cost of shipping a car across national boundaries.

  • Vehicle weight
  • Distance between pick-up point and the dock
  • Import fees
  • Delivery method
  • Shipping Lanes
  • Expedited or Standard Shipping
  • Container type

When collecting quotes to have your vehicle shipped internationally, be sure to visit the Local Car Shipping website.

International Car Transport Options

On average, transporting an automobile by water costs $1,000-$5,000. Depending on the vehicle type, aerial shipment can run as much as $40,000.

Getting to The Dock For International Vehicle Shipping

The price of having your car transported to the docks depends on the distance between the vehicle pick-up point and the port. A short haul to the port costs about $100. Long-distance transport to the wharves might cost $1,000.

International Car Import Duties

Determining the duties or import fees (taxes) on their auto requires the consumer research. To learn how much you need to budget for import taxes, enter the name of the country your car is bound for and the words “import export duties” into a search engine, e.g., “import duties Ireland.”

International Auto Transport Delivery Methods

When you and your automobile are on the same soil again, front door delivery is your most convenient and costly delivery option. If you don’t mind traveling to reclaim possession of your car terminal delivery will save you money.

Shipping Lanes And International Car Shipping Rates

The distance to the automobile’s ultimate destination impacts the charge for international auto transport. If the vessel hauling your car passes through commonly used shipping lanes, you will pay less than if it moves through less traveled waters.

International Auto Transport Options

It can take as long as three months for your vehicle to reach its overseas destination. You can shorten that time by paying extra for expedited delivery. If you don’t wish to pay for expedited shipping, explore ways to get along without your car until it is delivered.

International Auto Transport Containers

Onboard ship, your options for transporting your car are to have it open and secured to the deck or placed in a container. The former is the more cost-effective option. Should you opt for container shipment you, have the choice of a multiple or single vehicle container. For the family car, open transport or a multi-car box is your most cost-effective choice. Enclosed single automobile shipment is better suited to high-end and collectible automobiles.

How to Ship Cars Internationally

You will need to determine if your conveyance is legal in the country for which it is bound. Shipping a car out-of-country involves dealing with US Customs and the customs officials of the destination country. Local Car Shipping understands the legalities of exporting a car and can save you the stress and hassle of dealing with customs.

Required Documentation For Shipping a Car Internationally

Before shipping, you will need to have your vehicle’s title notarized. If you don’t own your car outright, it cannot be sent overseas without a letter of approval from the finance company. You will also need a Shipper Export Form and Declaration of Dangerous Goods Form. Local Car Shipping provides both the SE and DDG forms.

Choosing an International Shipping Company Houston

When looking for a Houston based international auto shipper, consider the firm’s experience. From our Houston Headquarters, Local Car Shipping has moved more than 10,500 vehicles. You want an auto transporter with a high customer satisfaction rating. One thousand satisfied clients have given Local Auto Shipping five-out-of-five stars.

Getting International Car Shipping Quotes

Like LCS, an automobile transporter should provide a free quote. A shipper should offer quality service at a reasonable price. Local Car Shipping offers outstanding service for less than the competition charges.

Hiring a professional transporter is the easiest way to ship a car internationally. Before arranging to send your vehicle to a foreign nation, make sure it is legal in that country. In getting ready to ship your auto overseas, gather all the necessary documentation.

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